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          Over the years, with the unremitting efforts and pursuit of the flangers, the company's products have entered all corners of the country.
          Hot-selling throughout the country, renowned China, won a number of glorious honors, won a burst of warm applause.


          General Manager Speech

          Walk out of China and be famous all over the world. Pick beautiful flowers, taste sweet fruits and make exquisite products.


          To all friends who support joining Daye Flange:

          Over the years, with the trust and support of our customers, our company has won many honors and affirmations. History is inspiring and achievements inspiring. After the arduous stage of entrepreneurship, Daye is in an important transition period. Standing at a new starting point, Daye has an inherent desire for self-development, and a great mission of self-improvement.
          The company adheres to the concept of people-oriented, talent is a valuable asset of enterprises. Human value comes from continuous self-enrichment, self-breakthrough and self-growth. A good learning attitude is the key to success.
          Innovation is the eternal driving force for the development of the company. The company will fully expand the development space and core competitiveness of the enterprise, change all the ideas and behavior habits that do not meet the requirements of the future development of the enterprise, and train an excellent team that can withstand any storm. The company strives to create a good and fair competitive environment, providing employees with opportunities and motivation for sustainable development. I firmly believe that as long as we think and work hard, learn with an open mind and keep forging ahead, we will get the reward we deserve.
          Looking back on the past, we have been advancing in overcoming difficulties and growing steadily in adversity. We should carry forward the factors of past success and promote the spirit of dedication, honesty, teamwork and innovation. Today's efforts will surely create tomorrow's brilliance!

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          Walk out of China and be famous all over the world. Pick beautiful flowers, taste sweet fruits and make exquisite products.

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