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          Professional Manufacturer of Large Caliber Flange

          Product Information

          Careful And Sincere In Fulfilling Responsibilities And Promises

          The company team always operates with a long-sighted vision and broad and profound mind.

          guarantees the production of high-quality products by careful and strict management, takes the development and production of high-quality products
          and providing satisfactory service to customers as the primary task, regards quality as life, and regards customers as God.

          Enterprise Video

          Over the years, with its strong technical strength, scientific business philosophy,advanced management mode, excellent team,

          excellent equipment and facilities and excellent quality, it has won market recognition and good market reputation,

          and gradually developed into a leader in the same industry.

          Production Casting Each Millimeter
          Shows Exquisite Technology

          The place ahead is always the forwarding direction of DAYE Flange,
          The fine craftsmanship is always the persistent target of DAYE Flange,
          The excellence is always the constant craving of DAYE Flange.

          All castings are inspected accurately according to the relevant specifications
          for appearance and dimension. Strict process inspection runs through the whole production process.
          Every flange is inspected strictly according to customer's requirements or international standards,
          and final inspection is carried out before shipment.
          Efforts will be made to achieve zero flange defects.


          The Backbone of China's Flange Industry

          It can fully meet the standard range of use and customization in various fields.

          Quality Field

          The company team always operates with a long-term vision and broad and profound mind.
          To ensure the production of high-quality products through careful and rigorous management, the primary task is to develop and produce high-quality products and provide satisfactory service to customers.
          Regarding quality as life and customer as God.